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Customer Testimonials

" Medical Cannabis has helped me to get sleep without groggy aftereffects the next day.” – THE GVIGING TREE (TULSA, OKLAHOMA) "18/5/12017

                                                                     MIKE WOODS, TRUCK DRIVER,

"Hello This is Robert McCourt From Uk,I had Eyes looked like beets stabing .pain black and pruple year and a half.Brian fely like bouncing around with very light step noise and even speaking hurt so much,had to choice but to choose the natual route which i finally came accross Giving Tree,This was so suprising they deliver to me this good medication right at my doorstep"

Thanks once more words can't express "ROBERT McCOURT 10/10/2017

" Medical Cannabis helps me to digest my food better and helps with my movement. I’m a cancer patient and I couldn’t move without medicating. GIVING TREE has done a great job for me. Thank you for the three great years of service!” – S. R., GIVING TREE CLIENT (AUSTRALIA) "

                                                                                         ANTHONY BURNS

" Medical Cannabis has helped me tremendously in pain relief. I feel that GIVING TREE  is excellent and provided me with all I need.” – THE GREEN HOUSE CLIENT (DALLAS, TEXAS)"7/10/2017


Keep it up giving tree you are the key of all dispensaries that i have ever come accross,Been suffering from RA since Teens.(Severe) lupus in Twenties and Addision with anxiety and so much pain,but with the great job of you guys now am so glad and happy putting down this review.Here happily relieve and strong,we all just have to have to keep using this good plants Thanks love you guys


Unbelievable Giving Tree i owed you guys a live like for real thought this was some online bla bla bla screwed up shit like the Nigerian Scams,but with all great surprised you guys show me the real way now im so satisfied smoking you guys strains keep it up much love stay blazed burn some    Timothy A Kevin <<Dublin Ireland 12/02/2018

I can't keep calm omg,this was so dope when i had a first draw of that shit you guys sent to me had the best birthday ever,Giving Tree you guys will forever stay in my soul and mind    Shane White<<Memphis TN 19/03/2018


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